In Defense of P. Poroshenko

The Ukrainian president has been increasingly frequently accused of Nazism and use of Hitler’s principles in government of the state, but nobody referred to facts to prove that. I bring forward my arguments in defense of the Ukrainian president.
PoroshenkoAiming1. Hitler came to power having no support of the majority of the voting public due to alliance of Nazi and aggressive militarists. Although Poroshenko did not get support of the majority of Ukrainian voters, his victory became possible due to alliance of radicals, corrupted tycoons and western intelligence agencies supporting anti-constitutional change of power. And this is a big difference.

2. Hitler created a Nazi state and Nazi legal system and affirmed the principle “The race is above all things”. Poroshenko creates a criminal and corrupted state and repressive legal system hiding behind the principle “Nation is above all”.

3. Hitler’s domestic policy was characterized by:

– equalization of the state and Nazism;

– organization of political terror against the opposition;

– deprivation of undesirable social groups of civil, political and property rights;

– militaristic state rhetoric.

Poroshenko’s domestic policy is characterized by:

– equalization of state and radical nationalism;

– organization of political terror against the representatives of former authorities and those who are against anti-terrorist operation (ATO);

– deprivation of undesirable social groups of basic civil rights under cover of “lustration” and criminal prosecution;

– militarization of social life.

4. To protect the state’s interests Hitler created armed storm troops, to which functions of “ancillary police” were assigned. Poroshenko created armed voluntary squadrons performing the functions of ”maintain order” in the ATO area.

5. Nazi legal doctrine acknowledged the legality of everything that, in the authorities’ opinion, reflected the purpose of “pure race”. It was considered legal to apply violence to opposition, mass robberies and murders of civilians. When Hitler came to power, he announced amnesty for storm-troopers. On the other hand, Ukrainian legal doctrine acknowledges legality of everything that, in the authorities’ opinion, reflects purposes of “Ukrainian nation”. It allows violence towards the representatives of former authorities and those who are against ATO, as well as robbing the civilians “for protection of the state”. Poroshenko announced amnesty for members of volunteer squadrons and participants of ATO who committed crimes.

6. Hitler forbade communist and social democratic party. Poroshenko forbade communist party. Hitler removed Jews, communists and social democrats from active social and political life. Poroshenko removed the representatives of former government and political opponents.

7. Hitler’s Gestapo got the right to make arrest of opponents of Nazi regime “for protection of the state”. They were kept in concentration camps, where they were subjected to torture and execution. In case of Poroshenko persons who represent danger for the regime are kept in “secret jails”, where monitoring commissions of UNO and OSCE fix tortures and non-judicial executions.

8. In Hitler’s time SS were announced to be top forces who upon the instructions of the Nazi state carried out reprisal raids against the civilians, ensured security in concentration camps, liquidated undesirable civil and ethnic groups. In case of Poroshenko national policy includes heroization of Ukrainian war criminals, including those who participated in mass murders of the civilians.

9. Hitler used a terrorist attack organized by the Nazi – Reichstag arson – as an excuse to organize mass repressions and usurpation of power. For those purposes Poroshenko uses war at Donbass called anti-terrorist operation organized by current regime.

10. Killing oppositional publicists, such as Jung, was justified by the “righteous anger of healthy nation”. In case of Poroshenko not only opposition journalists, such as Buzina, are killed, but also rather neutral towards regime ones, such as Sheremet.

11. Hitler tried to create United German Protestant Church that had to support Nazi state and justify militaristic policy of the Third Reich. Priests who were against that idea were subjected to violence and mass arrests performed by Gestapo. Poroshenko makes attempts to create united local Ukrainian church, which must support Ukrainian government and justify bloodshed in ATO. Priests who are against that are subjected to violence on the part of voluntary armed forces and “patriot activists” and administrative pressure on the part of authorities.

12. Hitler carried out forcible Germanization of the occupied territories. For instance, to turn Czechoslovakia into a colony citizens of that country were obliged to speak German and the legislation was brought in accordance with the Nazi laws. Poroshenko introduced English language training for the government officials, laws are rewritten under the instructions of American embassy and the consultants, who are representatives of US intelligence agencies, work in all bodies of government.

13. Hitler built his Nazi state without caring for personal enrichment. He did not own any confectionery factories. Poroshenko, during his term as the President, increased his private income several times against the background of critical impoverishment of the population. Lipetsk Confectionery Factory, which he owned, still works in Russia and contributes to the federal budget financing Russian army, which, according to Poroshenko, has been running a war for over two years now.

As you see, accusations of Poroshenko in building Nazi state have no grounds and multiple coincidences are, for sure, accidental.

Hitler finished his political way tragically, but Germans suffered from guilt for Nazi crimes for many decades after. If his fate is the same as Hitler’s, this will be another coincidence. One of the many, which the newest Ukrainian history is rich in.

Renat Kuzmin (presidential candidate in Ukraine in 2014, Doctor of Law, professor, lawyer)



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